Ay Yo (mizuru007) wrote in staroceanyaoi,
Ay Yo


Well, hello everyone. :D
I am a yaoi-holic. Managed to stay sober for a good year, but recently leapt off of the bandwagon. I joined this community because Star Ocean is usually just yaoi fodder. But after recently playing SO: TLH, a character named Faize came to my attention. He's effiminate, acts ADORABLY, and could very easily be put in a sexual situation with Edge. But...has NO ONE ELSE thought of this?! Seriously?! Everything I find is FaizexLymle...which makes me nauseous.
*sigh* Hopefully, this comm gets its hands on some EdgexFaize soon. Or else I'll explode.

Also, FaytxAlbel = <3
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