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springkink has outdone itself this time around. There are an INSANE amount of prompts there. I decided to do what some of the posters have done and that is collect prompts from a specific fandom and list them here. If you're interested in doing them, then feel free to join and claim them quickly as your own once claiming begins. There's not enough Star Ocean writing out there.

Here they are:

Star Ocean 2--Gabriel/Lucifer--Confrontation(something is wrong)--"I do not believe that." March 1

Star Ocean 2, Dr. Lantis/Gabriel: Hurt/Comfort--"I needed another life, another image to remind me." March 2

Star Ocean 2, Dr. Lantis: Character Study -- He who controls the Wise Men control the universe. March 3

Star Ocean 2, Gabriel/Lucifer: Inopportune moment to pass gas - "So, I see that God has spoken." March 5

Star Ocean: Till the end of time: Cliff/Fayt; wake up call; Cliff helps out Fayt with embarrassing morning issues. March 9

Star Ocean 2, Dr. Lantis: Character Study - He drove like a madman. March 10

Star Ocean 2, Claude + whoever: Psychological Profile: Dr. Lantis - "I wonder what he was like as a father." March 11

Star Ocean 2, Gabriel/Lucifer: Snark/Dating Disaster - "Handmade? Looks like you made it with your feet." March 12

Star Ocean: Till the end of time: Mackwell/Lias, semi-public sex, Lias thinks scholars are sexy in their natural environment. March 12

Star Ocean 2, Gabriel/Dr.Lantis: Hurt/Comfort - "I can see your faded halo. I can make it burn again like the sun." March 14

Star Ocean 2, Gabriel/Lucifer: Claiming using religious text - "My Morning Star, I have come to stake my claim upon you." March 17

Star Ocean, Jie Revorse: Character Study - He never thought of a favorite kind of sky. March 18

Star Ocean 2, Dr. Lantis/Claude: Private Action (passionate discussion) - "Are you a parent, Claude? Do you have any children?" March 19

Star Ocean 2, Ashton/Celine: flirting - "Surely you might have something better to look at than a barrel, darling." March 20

Star Ocean 2, Gabriel/Lucifer: Philosophy - "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself." March 22

Star Ocean 2, Lucifer: Planning Treachery - "Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heav'n." March 23

Star Ocean, Ilyia: Character Study - "I like to drink martinis. Two at the very most. Three, I'm under the table, Four, I'm under my host." March 24

Star Ocean: 'Til the End of Time, Albel/Fayt: shutting up a noisy roommate - The damn boy snored! March 26

Star Ocean 2, Opera/Ernest: Drinking - "The Perfect Martini, as an idea, has infinite possibilities." March 26

Star Ocean 2, Dr. Lantis/Gabriel: Defining a Purpose - "You are the embodiment of ruthless power, indomitable will and furious vengeance." March 27
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