Electric Butterfly: PSYCHO FANGIRL!! RAWR! (jurhael) wrote in staroceanyaoi,
Electric Butterfly: PSYCHO FANGIRL!! RAWR!

from gamara

I figured some people here would be interested.

"The tri-Ace Kink Meme

We've all done kink memes before, right? Just in case you don't know the drill, here's a brief refresher:

(1) You request a pairing and a kink.

(2) A like-minded writer or artist replies with a fic or a sketch.

(3) Everyone profits!

Any game done primarily by members of the tri-Ace team (thus including its fork team tri-Crescendo, and games done by Wolf Team before tri-Ace split off) is fair game here! Spin-off media (i.e. Star Ocean EX) is also welcome."

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